In 2011 Federico Colombo (1995-bass) and Lorenzo Gagliardi (1996-guitar) decide against what they used to play with other little bands in Busto Arsizio (VA) Italy.
Choosing Warstorm as new name to highlight their intent to thrash they quickly found the mighty Davide Guzzetti (1994-Drums) with the idea to play something in Lamb Of God/Pantera style. Months later Enrigo Giovinetti (Guitar) and Lorenzo Saccà (Vocals) joined the quest so the sound speeded up. With this first line-up the band recorded in a small studio the demo “Let The Warstorm Begin”, three primordial tracks of old school thrash. In 2012 Warstorm won a special prize in the local battle of the bands (Bustock) but in a few months Enrico and Lorenzo Saccà left the band. Warstorm regained thanks to the new guitarist Andrea Collaro (1994) and the voice of Giorgio Ossola (1995). New songs and new gigs with Irreverence, Vexed, Mesmerize and Ultra-Violence.
Working hard on the new material during 2013 Warstorm enter the Decibel Studio in Busto Arsizio to record the LP “GOATSPEL“ in summer. Six tracks which revisited the style of the first demo with new influences and a featuring with the biggest band around, Hyades!

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