"Camping the Vein"


"Death by Zapping"


Sofisticator is a totally old school-oriented thrash metal band from Florence (Italy) mainly influenced by the likes of Exodus, Slayer, Possessed, Overkill and Venom. Popi (guitar) and Disossator (vocals) decided to start Sofisticator as a real band with Cosimo (drums) and Panca (bass) in September 2009.

This infamous first line-up wrote the band’s early songs but Panca soon left and the bass duties were handled by different players, while Roccio joined as a second guitarist to support the growing metal mayhem. As Cosimo left soon after, Peppe the Butcher (drums) and Prosciugator (bass) joined Sofisticator in July 2010 to play some gigs and work on new material, but they were already out in October. Once recruited bassist Atomik Bahnhof, the band began working together to complete some kickass new songs as well as searching for a drummer, which eventually arrived in February 2011 in the person of The Ripper. This line-up entered Putrido Records Recording Studio in July-August 2011 to record the debut full-length album ‘Camping the Vein’, released by EBM Records in April 2012, and gigged around until increasing problems led to Ripper’s dismissal in November 2012. Old time friend Crudelio Von Füst temporarily replaced him for the remaining shows scheduled and in January 2013 Fire Eater officially joined Sofisticator as the new drummer only to get fired four months later due to his disloyal behavior. Once called back Crudelio Von Füst as the official drummer, troubles seem not to have ended yet: shortly after playing a great gig supporting Exodus, guitarist Baron Roccio gives up the band to follow different life paths. Nevertheless Sofisticator keep preparing for Romanian Thrash Fest – with Artillery, Nocturnal and Bio-Cancer among the others – while waiting to announce the new stable member to join the army and finally record the fucking second album.

POPI - Lead Guitars
DON HAMMIER - Lead Guitars

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