Black/Thrash madness from the guts of hell!

The band was born in april 2011, by Hell and Monarch.
S.A. play Black/Thrash Metal with some different old school influences, remaining faithful to the ''speed & raw'' tradition. On january 2012 the band start to recording ''The first division'' EP, released on august 2012.
On may 2014 the band start the recording sessions of the new cd (full lenght) ''Lust And Misery'' at Elfo Studios in Piacenza. In 2015 the band sign a contract with ETN RECORDS.
Currently the OFFICIAL members of the band are: Hell, Monarch, Vinteren.

Hell - Voice
Vinteren - Bass
Monarch - Lead Guitar

Live Sessions:
E. - Drums
Malphas - Rhythmic guitar

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