"Mass Deception"


Hateworld born in Turin, in the year 2007 by Vincenzo Ianniello and Enrico Cairola, which they were neighbor. They begin to compose guitar and drum tracks, then in the same year Alberto Castelli joined the band. After many rehearsal he decided to give a name to the band, choosing Hateworld. After many time at the research of a singer, Vincenzo met Tobia Rossetti in a local instruments store, then Enrico became guitarist and Tobia became the new drummer. After many rehearsal with local singers, Mirko Macchia join the vocals, completing the turinese formation. The five Hateworld members finally began to work to new songs, bringing ten of them on the local stages. In october 2010 they record at "Blu Musica" recording studios their first 4 track EP "Another Holocaust". After a small series of gigs in support of the new recording Tobia decided to quit the band, then Enrico returns to the drums : after a small period also Mirko quit the band and Sergio Vinci became the new Hateworld singer
With this new formation of four members, the band began to play in the Turin hinterland and appears to restart, but because a series of reason Sergio quit the band. The three remaining original members take a period of stop, which fall with another quit : Enrico, co-founder of Hateworld leaves the band.
Strong to not abandon the project, Vincenzo and Alberto continues with the band recruiting Andrea Sannino at the drums and Sergio rejoined. After this, Massimo Ventura, already Manhunt guitarist, enter the band to the second guitar recompleting a formation of five elements, then the band restart live dates in the Torino hinterland.
Hateworld appears stable and steady, ready to record their first album, but Sergio quit again the band for a series of reasons. After a few months of inactivity, the band found a new singer, Felix Liuni from thrashers Brain Dead, and restart to play live, among the others with Fil di Ferro and the italian thrashers In.Si.dia.
2016 is a decisive year for the band, in fact, between the months of march and may, the thrashers recorded at the studios "D.L.D production" of Turin their debut album, entitling it "Mass Deception". A month after, Hateworld sign with the independent label "Earthquake Terror Noise".

Vincenzo Ianniello - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Alberto Castelli - Bass Guitar
Felix Liuni - Lead and Backing Vocals
Massimo Ventura -Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Andrea Sannino - Drums

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