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Discordance was born in 2007 from an idea of Alessio, in order to play some Suffocation inspired Brutal Death Metal with some grindcore influences. After some line-up changes they recorded "Unborn Disease" in 2009, an EP composed of five technical songs for fans of Suffocation and Cephalic Carnage. In 2010, singer Andrea Malfatto (Hobnailed) passed away. Other line-up changes happened, and Umbe (Darisam) and Mario (Hobnailed) joined the band.
Presently, Discordance are: Umbe (vocals), Alessio (guitars), Andrea (bass), Francesco (drums). The newest music is moving away from classic brutal death metal, incorporating distant influences.
Discordance has shared the stage with Under The Ocean, Darisam, Afgrund, Abomination, Kaptivity, Unbirth, Dementia Senex, Shattered Skull, Logic Of Denial, Jesus Ain't In Poland and others.

Umbe - Vocals/Guitar
Gibo - Guitar
Fra - Drums
Mario - Bass

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