"Reign in Terror"

Plague Angels born in March 2010 in Mantua from an idea by Michele Vanoni (Mitch) and Giacomo C. (Jack), respectively vocals / rhythm guitar and bass playing in the current formation too. The two want to set up a band which hlas sounds and features of the German old school thrash metal scene. Then they came across Samuele Faccinaci and Francesco Cazzoli, a great lead guitarist and a wonder of the battery, so the project came to life. Immediately, they prepare a handful of covers, but the real goal is to start from the beginning the songwriting that will lead the boys to the first independent publication on CD, the demo: "Plague Holocaust." Immature and rough, but that makes it clear to the audience that the sound has nothing to do with the modern times and that it will be immediately direct and violent. Stylistically, the band is closest to the speed and unsettling bridge to hit the listener, from this point arose, in 2011, the EP "Fake Mind to ... Torture Chamber", still self-produced. With this EP, the style is defined more and more, but the final step is reached in 2012 with the EP "Militia of Undead" which reached excellent support and it finally brings the band outside their home territory. At the beginning of 2013, unfortunately, cause of musical disagreements, Francesco left the band in the moment which the main aim was the coveted Full-Length. Unexpectedly, few months ago, Plague Angels bring a new member in their family: Antonio (Tony) which reveals itself precious not only as a drummer but also as a person with great ideas which are on the same wavelength as the band. Found out the neo label ETN (Earthquake Terror Noise) as a valid support, in July 2013, Plague Angels released "Reign in Terror"; a debut, they hopes, which bear fruits.
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