"Prelude to Nothing"


Neptune came to existence in 2000 in Verona, Italy. Born as a death metal band largely influenced by Swedish masters like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, the band has developed step by step an own original style due to the diverse musical background each component brought into the project. In 2002 Neptune entered for the first time a recording studio: "Synth -breed" was the title of a three- trac k demo which obtained encouraging reviews by many Italian webzines and magazines. During the following two years the quintet worked hard with numerous live performances and writing new stuff for the second release: "Perfection and failure", six complex and elaborated episodes which put in evidence a deep maturation in song-writing and technique. The response of the press was very positive and in some case even enthusiastic: "Top demo" on Rock Hard 04/06 ("Neptune is synonyme of melodic death metal played with a such a personality, that any comparison would be superfluous or absolutely misleading"). As for concerts 2005 was a year full of satisfactions. The Metalcamp (Slovenia) saw for the first time the band perform at such big international events, and in Italy as well Neptune could expand its action range by playing at important venues throughout the North of the country. In summer 2006 the recording sessions of the debut-album "Acts of supremacy" took place. At the DB Studios (Turin) Disarmonia Mundi's mastermind Ettore Rigotti did excellent work emphasizing and optimizing the band's ideas with an impressive production. This time the sound has moved towards simpler structures and a more impacting sound, inspired by bands like Hatesphere. After some peaceful replacements in the line-up the guys signed a deal with the Austrian label Noisehead records with which they promoted "Acts of supremacy" in Europe. Now the band is recording new songs for the forthcome album which will be probably out at the end of 2012.

After some line-up replacements, the band entered the Death Lab. Studios to record their second full length titled “Prelude To Nothing”: eleven raging songs which will bring Neptune’s style to a new level. Prelude To Nothing is available in digital download on our Bandcamp page starting from December 5th 2013 and shortly after on Spotify, iTunes and GooglePlay.

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