It was about the end of the 2011 when the two brothers Gastòn and Luciano Gordillo (lead singer and bassist respectively), decided that it was the time to leave aside Maiden covers and looking for courageous musicians who wanted to play healthy and old thrash metal. The desire and passion for playing, brings this South American brothers, to begin an adventure which it will join themselves with several musicians, until January 2013, when there’s a significant turning point in the path of the band. The band joined the guitarist Enrico Cavion (known as Wolf), the riffmaker and the diabolical mind. Before that the band itself already exists and played concerts, but the entry of the new musician significantly change the genre and evolution of the band. The band decides to dub itself Ashura. Gas and Lucio’s starting intentions to compose thrash bay area doesn’t have to do. The band's sound is mucked up by heavy and speed metal sounds. After a lots and intense rehearsal, in March, the band enters in a studio to let the world know of their existence producing the demo '' Vengeance of Blood ''. It contains 3 tracks and it will be distributed mainly during live concerts in the following months. Public feedback is positive and it encourages the guys to get ready for a more serious and significant recording. In mid-2013 there’s a new important line-up changing for the band: Matteo Snichelotto joined the band. He’s a drummer with decades of experience and he gives to the Quartet the balance that’s needed making the work easier thanks to its considerable practical experience and composing with other three members new material. During the months of June and July 2013, the band performed in several live where it always succeed to engage the audience with the energy of its songs, which are highly affected by the capacity of the new drummer. At the end of July, the Four, spend their days locked in the rehearsal room, playing until August 2013 when the band come back to Eruption Studios in Vicenza to record its first cd. In October 2013, the band signed up for the record label ETN (Earthquake Terror Noise).
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